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student stories

On July 9th, 2011 South Sudan became the 193rd nation in the world. This sub-Saharan nation is the size of France without a single paved highway. With the highest maternal mortality rate in the world, the country has less than 50 licensed doctors for its 10 million people. 400 medical students are struggling to become the first generation of South Sudanese doctors at The University of Juba College of Medicine.

These students, who are enthusiastic, dedicated and committed to purpose, come from all over South Sudan, a country that has been ravaged by 30 years of civil war and bitter ethnic tensions. Their stories range from watching family members die, from sickness and war, to being forced into becoming child soldiers. Although many are now forced to live in small tents on the grounds of the school, due to lack of funds for personal housing or dormitories, they are all committed to help form the foundation of their new country.

The University of Juba College of Medicine, the only medical school in Southern Sudan, has only one permanent faculty member, has limited access to educational materials and, until recently, had only one classroom. However, the school's students are so dedicated they have been known to teach themselves bio-chemistry with sticks in the dirt.

Your donation will go to Ujenzi Trust who has been instrumental in building a program to help provide instruction, training, and infrastructure for these students to help meet their goals of becoming the first generation of South Sudanese doctors.

100% of your donation will go to Ujenzi Trust.

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the shirts
Heart Shirt

This shirt was designed with the students in mind. The shirt has a map of the new country of South Sudan overlaying a heart.

White Bull Shirt

The first beer shirt from Africa's newest nation! White Bull was the first locally produced beer in Southern Sudan. It's a great beer and, to my knowledge, no other White Bull shirt exists.

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about me

In July 2011 I was fortunate enough to travel to South Sudan to experience the birth of Africa's newest nation. The country was jubulent and it was certainly an event I will never forget. Two things struck me most though during the visit: first, the strength, grace and courage of the South Sudanese people. Second, the phrase I kept hearing during the celebrations: this is the easy part, the hardest times are to come.

Knowing how important dedicated people like these medical students are to the future of the country, I decided to use my skills as a graphic designer to help in any small way I could. My goal with this project is to help raise some funds for the students but to also spread their story and raise a glass (or perhaps a White Bull!) to their strength and dedication.

Brett Walkley
Los Angeles, California